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"Providing youth in Brunei with the right tools, attitude and minset. The YES (Your Extraordinary Self) Program helps young people discover themselves, their influences, explore future goals and developing their ability to fulfill their life's intentions."

Course Outline - Module 1 (Me Myself and I)

In this first module participants will be going through exercises that would allow them to understand themselves better and to find out who they are as individuals. The objectives are:
  • To identify things about oneself and positive qualities
  • To understand the meaning of values
  • Practice good communication skills
  • To practice assertive behavior
  • To learn to negotiate compromise in conflict situations
  • To define health and all its components
  • To identify risk to personal health
  • To understand stress and learn stress management techniques

There are two other modules in the YES (Your Extraordinary Self) program that builds on the discussion covered and practices in this first module.