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"Providing youth in Brunei with the right tools, attitude and minset. The YES (Your Extraordinary Self) Program helps young people discover themselves, their influences, explore future goals and developing their ability to fulfill their life's intentions."

Course outline-Module 3 (My Future)

In this module the participants would have already have a better understanding about themselves and the communities they are in. They would have acquired a higher level of awareness and maturity. They are now ready to explore future goals and aspiration which they are willing to go into and view their choices. At the final stage of the YES (Your Extraordinary Self) program, we aim to:

  • To identify potential work skills and strength
  • To identify short-term and long-term goals
  • To learn and practice a process for setting goals and efforts to achieve them
  • To examine the importance of completing high school in relation to life plans and goals
  • To identify various ways of making decisions and to examine their results
  • To practice job-seeking skills
  • To learn how to be an effective employee