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"Providing youth in Brunei with the right tools, attitude and minset. The YES (Your Extraordinary Self) Program helps young people discover themselves, their influences, explore future goals and developing their ability to fulfill their life's intentions."

What teens face today

In today's modern age, young people face an array of opportunities and challenges. The Y.E.S. program aims to respond to the critical issues teens face today by providing teens with the skills needed to negotiate a successful transition to adulthood.
Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with friends, moving from dependency of childhood to the inter-dependency of adulthood, acquiring the education and skills necessary for employment, dealing with peer pressure and a changing economy are all making the traditional task of becoming an adult more of a challenge.

Young people must have knowledge, attitude and skills to successfully meet the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood. Within the program there is a wealth of exercises that are used to help young people, among others, gain knowledge about themselves and employment preparation; explore attitudes and values about growing up, gender roles, risk-taking and friendship; practicing the skills of goal-setting, decision making, negotiating, communicating, managing stress and job seeking.